Motor 1A User Manual

General Operation
Power On/Off
Press the left-front knob to turn the unit on. RETROSOUND will appear on the screen.

Press and hold the left-front knob to turn the unit off. GOODBYE will appear on the screen to confirm that it has turned off.


Rotate the left-front knob to adjust the volume between 0-46 (minimum-maximum).

Source Mode

Rotate the left-rear knob clockwise to select from available listening sources: RADIO, AUX. The auxiliary input (AUX) is located at the back of the radio body. The auxiliary input may be used to play music from any portable device with a standard headphone output, such as a MP3 player, iPod® or iPhone®, portable CD player or portable satellite radio receiver. To use this input, the auxiliary cable must be routed to an accessible area during installation.

Radio Tuning

Rotate the right-front knob to tune to the next or previous AM/FM frequency.

Radio Bands

Rotate the right-rear knob counter-clockwise to toggle through the five radio bands (two AM and three FM).

Storing Radio Pre-sets

There are six radio pre-sets for each radio band. For pre-sets one through five, tune to the desired radio station and then press and hold the push-button to store into memory. To store pre-set number six, turn the right-rear knob clockwise to select pre-set number six, then turn and hold right-rear knob clockwise to store.

Selecting Radio Pre-sets

To recall radio pre-sets, press the appropriate pre-set button in the selected radio band. To recall pre-set six, turn the right-rear knob clockwise and release it.


Press the right-front knob to activate the mute function.

System Settings

The System Settings sub-menu system enables access to the numerous additional features of your RetroSound® radio. Press and hold the right-front knob for three seconds to access the sub- menu system. Then repeatedly press the right-front knob to cycle through the available sub-menu options. Once in a specific sub-menu, rotate the right-front knob either clockwise or counter- clockwise to change options.

Auto Seek or Manual

This sub-menu toggles either Auto Seek or Manual tuning. In Auto Seek mode the radio will tune to the next available station when tuning.

Setting the Clock

This sub-menu sets the clock. To adjust hours, turn the right-front knob (#8) clockwise. Adjusting past 12 will toggle the AM/PM indications. Once the hour is set, press the right-front knob to adjust minutes. Once minutes are set, press the right-front knob to access the 12/24 menu.

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