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My radio is turning on, but I have no sound.

  • Speakers or speaker wiring is grounded. The speaker wiring could be touching the vehicle’s chassis or metal, causing it to be grounded (shorted). Resolve the short.
  • If your car has a common grounding speaker system (the speakers in the vehicle use a chassis ground or a common grounding point for the negative side of the speakers) you will need to run new wiring to your speakers.
  • Speaker wiring cannot be shared or bridged. Each speaker needs its own positive and negative from the radio. No two speaker outputs can be tied together.
  • If the car has an amplified speaker system, such as Delco/Bose or Infinity, you will need to purchase an adapter or replace the speakers/amplifiers.
  • If your vehicle is using older speakers that are the incorrect impedance, the radio will not work. Our radios work with 4-ohm speakers; speakers with less than 4 ohms impedance will cause the radio to shut down or may damage the internal amplifier of the radio.

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