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Radio turns on but there is no sound

If your radio is lighting up and seems to function but you have no sound.

The most common reason for no sound is speakers or speaker wires are grounded or shorted to a metal point.

Speaker wiring cannot be wired together. Two speakers can not share the same connections.

Speaker wiring cannot be wired to a chassis ground. 

Resolving the issues:

Test to be sure no speaker wiring is connected to a chassis ground and there are no speaker wires shorted to metal.

Speaker wiring cannot be shared or bridged. Each speaker needs its own positive and negative from the radio. No two speaker outputs can be tied together.

If your car has a common grounding speaker system (the speakers in the vehicle use a chassis ground or a common grounding point for the negative side of the speakers) you will need to run new wiring to your speakers.

Once wiring is corrected reset radio by removing main power plug from rear of radio for 1 minute then reconnect.

Possible radio function issues:

Possible Cause: Radio volume is down, or radio is muted.

Action: Check volume control and mute function.

Possible Cause: Radio is in wrong source mode (AUX, BT audio, etc.).

Action: Toggle radio to correct source

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