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Redesigned Radio Control Shafts

RetroSound® radios are the designed to imitate the appearance of a factory OE radio for your classic car. To achieve the most accurate period-correct look, we are constantly improving our products. One of these improvements is a change to the length of our radio shafts. The old shaft design set the knobs up a little ways from the dashboard. Because of this, we supplied shaft boots to cover up the exposed nut beneath the rear knob. In most instances, the shaft boot was not needed, because the knob would still sit low enough to cover the nut. However, in some special cases, shaft boots were required to make the installation look cleaner. 

Old style shafts with exposed nut
Shaft boot

To help bring the rear knob closer to the dashboard, we adjusted the front and rear knob placement area of the shafts and lengthened the threaded portion. This change eliminates the need for shaft boots and makes the installation look cleaner and more professional.

Shaft Boots – Why You Don’t Need Them

 This change allows the rear knobs to sit back further on the shafts and completely eliminates the need for these shaft boots.

The new shaft design allows for the knobs to sit closer to the dash for a more flush and OE look.

As a result of this change, we no longer supply shaft boots with our radios. However, if you feel you need them for your installation, they are still available for purchase.

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