DIN Repair Kit

Step 1

Using the 4 screws included in the box with your radio, install the InfiniMount

DIN Brackets (included with this kit) to the sides of the radio. Adjust the

brackets as necessary for the correct fit into your vehicle. Be careful not to

bend the brackets to insure proper fitment into the DIN Sleeve.

Step 2

Insert the DIN Sleeve into your dash opening. Using a screwdriver, push

down the sleeve tabs on all four sides of the DIN Sleeve to secure it into

the dash opening.

Step 3

Install the shafts to the InfiniMount DIN Brackets and through the holes in

your faceplate following the instructions that came with your radio. Make

sure the knobs do not stick out too far and the radio face aligns flush with

the faceplate.

Step 4

Slide the radio assembly into the DIN Sleeve. If adjustments must be made

after sliding the radio into place, use the included Sleeve Keys to remove

the assembly from the DIN Sleeve. Once the radio is mounted, install the

back-strap to the rear of the radio following the instructions that came with your radio.

Finish the installation by mounting the front and rear knobs.

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