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Setting the Clock and Other Menu Items

Accessing the sub-menu system menu:

  1. Press and hold the right front knob for 3 seconds, then release, to access the sub-menu system.
  2. Repeatedly press and release the front right knob to scroll through the available menu options.
  3. Turn the right front knob right or left to select a value for the chosen menu option.
  4. Press and release the right front knob repeatedly to move to the next function desired, or do nothing and the menu will revert to the current source display.


Choose the clock function to adjust the clock hours and minutes. Adjusting past 12 will toggle the AM/PM indication. Pressing the front right knob after adjusting the time will take you to the CLK 12/24 menu.

CLK 12/24

Adjust this function to choose between the 12 and 24 hour clock mode. The factory default setting is CLK 12.

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