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What is a DIN Repair Kit?

In the past it was common to modify the dash of a classic vehicle to install a newer modern radio. Most of these radios were DIN sized units (roughly 7.5 X 2.25 inches.) leaving a large rectangle opening that does not look classic at all.

We have created our DIN repair kit that allows you to use one of our RetroRadios in one of these DIN openings. The kit uses a mounting sleeve much like the DIN radio would have used as well as period correct faceplate and knobs.

If your dash has been modified to use a DIN radio, you can no longer use the application found when using the year, make and model search on our site.

You can go to our accessories page and use the DIN repair kit to install one of our Retro Radio units in your dash. (See link below) 

Instruction for the DIN repair kit can be found here: DIN Repair Kit Instructions

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