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SEMA, Brown Sugar, Patron, and Night Train all have something in common. RetroSound radios.

SEMA 2019

SEMA Season 2019 has finally passed. SEMA Season?  Yes, SEMA is officially four days, but planning takes months. This year the show ran from Tuesday, November 5th through Friday, November 8th. Retro Manufacturing began planning for SEMA back in May, even though the show is technically local. The show is held at the Las Vegas Convention Center which is approximately 30 minutes away from Henderson, Nevada where Retro Manufacturing is based. SEMA Exhibitors come from all over the world to take part in the four-day show. Tedious planning and detailed checklists are a must. Planning flight and hotel reservations, booth layout, and graphics, ensuring booth displays arrive in time, setup and teardown, scheduling meetings, and walking the show to see all exhibits that are pertinent.

Armo Award and global media award

New Products and Award

SEMA is a ton of work, but it plays a vital role in shaping the year to come. It gives manufacturers a chance to meet with vendors and industry associates, make new contacts, discuss issues and solutions, view innovative products, and learn about services available to the industry. Whether looking for parts, tools, equipment, or software and services, chances are it can be found at SEMA. The New Products Showcase at the SEMA Show provides exhibitors with the opportunity to introduce new products, packaging and merchandising displays to industry buyers and media. This year over 3,000 new products were showcased at SEMA. Retro Manufacturing showcased the Daytona, Detroit with non-volatile memory, and soon to be released New York radios. The Daytona radio won an ARMO (American Restoration Market Organization) award and a Global Media Award. The New York radio also won a Global Media Award and is receiving lots of interest on social media. The New York radio is Retro Manufacturing’s latest 1.5 DIN radio for GM G-Body and Mopar applications. 

Sponsored Vehicles

This year in the Retro Manufacturing booth was the extremely popular “Grasshopper” truck. The Grasshopper is a 1965 mid-engine Ford Econoline featuring a direct-fit RetroSound Huntington radio. It’s hard to miss a glossy green truck with painted flames, chrome blower that sits above the roof line, and headers sitting above the bed pointed at your chest. It was an absolute crowd favorite. So much so, the History Channel, A&E Network, and a handful of smaller media organizations stopped by the Retro Manufacturing booth to film it. So, keep your eyes open and I’m sure you’ll see the Grasshopper on TV and all over social media.

What do Brown Sugar, Night Train, and Patron have in common? Yup! You guessed it. RetroSound radios. Retro Manufacturing sponsored all three SEMA builds with RetroSound Long Beach radios. Brown Sugar is a Square-body camper with a modern take on the Desert Fox paint scheme. The camper looks normal on the outside, but I can promise you not much sleeping goes on in there. It has a built-in bar, wood floor and one heck of a sound system.brown sugar squarebody camper

Night Train is a 1970 C50 crew cab car hauler with a custom interior that can lay its frame on the ground.  The truck is so nice you wouldn’t want to put a vehicle on its bed.

Night Train c50 crew cab truck

The other vehicle Retro Manufacturing sponsored is El Gran Patron. An absolutely beautiful 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle. Custom everything! It even has a special compartment in the trunk for a bottle of tequila. No drinking and driving this work of art.

El Gran Patron Chevelle

If the opportunity to attend SEMA is presented, take advantage and experience an unforgettable event.

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