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Choosing The Right Amplifier For Your Application

Currently, RetroSound offers a range of amplifier options including the following:

But which is right for your application?  And why do you even need one of these things?  Well, this short post should answer those questions for you. 

For starters, I’d like to point out that all RetroSound RetroRadios™ come with a built-in 4 channel amplifier powerful enough to operate a complete system in your your restoration or upgraded vehicle.  That being said, supplementing your system with an appropriate amplifier still provides a number of benefits that we’ll outline below.

Let’s start with the purpose of an amplifier, which is actually three-fold.  First, adding an aftermarket amplifier will provide you with superior sound quality by way of a cleaner signal, more defined volume, and generally higher power output (depending upon your speakers).  Secondly, having this additional power allows you the opportunity to not only install better speakers but also maximize their potential power output ratings.  Lastly, it also provides the power necessary to operate larger drivers like subwoofers which complete the range of your audio system by adding the bass balance that is generally lacking from basic audio setups. 

RetroSound amplifiers are designed to work in conjunction with RetroSound speakers and other components but they can also help to improve your current audio setup depending upon your vehicle specific needs.  Let’s talk about the number of channel s that you’ll need when selecting the right amplifier for your setup.  Channels should be considered speaker outputs in that you should look at an amplifier that supplies the appropriate number of channels that matches the amount of speakers in your audio system.  For example, here’s how you might use the lineup of RetroSound amplifiers based on your application:

Stereophonic amplifier (3 Channel Amp) Starting at $199.99- Our Stereophonic amp is a great solution for classic truck owners interested in powering a full system within their cab.  We recommend using this amplifier to power your door speakers and a subwoofer allowing for a complete audio system in a compact space.  If you’ve installed a replacement dash speaker, we recommend utilizing the built-in amplifier from your RetroRadio to power this unit.

Quadraphonic amplifier (4 Channel Amp) Starting at $159.99 – Our Quadraphonic amplifier was designed for owners looking to power stock components or a mildly upgraded system.  This unit could be used to power all four corners of your vehicle while again utilizing the RetroRadio to power an in-dash speaker if applicable.

Technophonic (5 Channel Amp) Starting at $299.99- Our Technophonic amplifier was designed for customers looking to get the most out of their sound system.  A full 5 channels allows you to effectively power all four corners of your vehicle while also including a subwoofer output to complete the full range of your system. 

Whether you’re looking to maximize your sound in a condensed space, compliment your current setup, or upgrade to some top of the line performance specs we’ve got a solution to fit your needs.  Our amplifiers all pair perfectly with other RetroSound products and come with a manufacturers warranty.

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