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Radio Shafts Troubleshooting

If your shafts are not working or they are working erratically there are a few things we like to check to see if we can resolve the issue without too much frustration.

  1. Check you have your electrical connections properly installed. Double check that the positive lead is still connected and that the negative lead is getting a proper ground.
  2. Next, check that your shaft nuts were not overtightened (Image 1). Overtightening the shaft nuts to where they are pressing against the plastic housing could cause internal damage in the shafts and cause them to quit working properly or at all.
  3. Double check that the clips attached to the shafts are plugged in properly (Image 2). You should hear a clicking sound when the plug has been engaged.
  4. Lastly, always make sure that your radio is being supported from the rear with the provided back strap (Image 3). While the radio itself is not very heavy, its heaviest component is located in the rear of the radio.  If the radio is not properly back strapped it could be putting to much strain on the control shafts and causing the radio to act irregularly. Overtime this will cause the shafts to fail and your radio to stop working. Replacement shafts and backstraps can be purchased separately.
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

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