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Thumb-Roller Trouble shooting

If the Thumb-Roller controls are reversed, or acting erratically follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure that you have the Thumb-Rollers right-side up. The arrow should be facing up with the plug clip on top of the plug. (see illustration).
  • Be sure the connections are secure at both the Thumb-Roller and Radio Motor on both sides of the unit.
  • If your thumb rollers are acting erratic or not responding. Follow the procedure below, to set the Radio Motor to function with the Redondo Thumb-Roller controls.

Press and hold the Left-Inside Thumb-Roller for approximately 15 seconds to reboot the radio into SEL PANEL mode. While holding the Power Button the unit will display the following sequence: RETROSOUND>RADIO>GOODBYE>TIME DISPLAY>SEL PANEL, continue holding the thumb-roller until the display reads: SEL PANEL. Once SEL PANEL is displayed release the Left-Inside Thumb-Roller and immediately press and release the Left Inside Thumb-Roller to cycle through the choices until REDONDO appears. The Display will Flash REDONDO 5 times and will turn off. Your Radio Motor is now configured to work with your selected face.

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