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Troubleshooting Issues with Speakers and Wiring

Our radios are high-powered and are designed to work with 4 ohm speakers.

Check or replace your existing speakers if they are not 4 ohm.

Speaker output wires CANNOT be wired to a common ground system.

What is common grounding? 

Common grounding is when the speakers in a vehicle use a chassis ground or a common grounding point for the negative side of the speakers. To use our radio, you will need to either purchase an adapter or rewire your vehicle’s speakers.

Our radio’s speaker wires CANNOT be bridged.

What is Bridged?

Bridged is connecting two speaker wire outputs together in an effort to increase power. This will NOT work.

Any unused speaker wires MUST be capped off individually.

Unused speaker wires must not touch each other or “short out” by touching the vehicle’s chassis. This will cause the radio to not work.

No speaker wires or speaker connectors can be touching ground.

Be sure no speaker output wire is going to ground and no speaker terminal is grounded or shorted.

Standard Dash Replacement Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Speaker Wiring Using a Single Speaker

Using the left and right front speaker outputs to connect each side of the dual voice coil to it’s own speaker output:

Be sure to “cap” off any unused speaker outputs separately to insure they do not touch each other or short to any part of the dash. Speaker output wires cannot be connected together.

See diagram below:

Using only one speaker output from the radio to wire the speaker in series: 

Connect one voice coil negative to the other voice coil positive. Then connect ONE speaker output to the remaining positive and negative.

See diagram below:

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