• Reset Radio Mode

    If you have mistakenly changed your Motor to use a Face/Panel you do not have: 1. Turn the ignition off and wait 30 seconds.2. Turn the ignition on once the radio boots up and RETROSOUND scrolls across the screen press and hold the Radio on button for approximately 15 seconds…

  • Why Use Neodymium Magnets in Speakers?

    To understand the advantages of Neodymium magnets, a brief review of how speakers function is often helpful. Speakers use magnets to create the sound we hear by moving the speaker cone up and down. The movement pushes and pulls the surrounding air producing the waves of sound we hear. A…

  • What is a DIN Repair Kit?

    In the past it was common to modify the dash of a classic vehicle to install a newer modern radio. Most of these radios were DIN sized units (roughly 7.5 X 2.25 inches.) leaving a large rectangle opening that does not look classic at all. We have created our DIN repair…

  • What are Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Speakers?

    Before we can explain what dual voice coil speakers are, you first have to understand what a voice coil is and how a speaker works. All speakers have what is called a voice coil. The voice coil is a coil of wire wrapped around a cylinder that accepts the current…

  • Radio Controls Backwards Troubleshooting

    If your radio controls are working backwards compared to the owner’s manual there may be a simple solution. The most common reason for this is the radio motor is upside down. To resolve this: When attaching the radio display to your radio motor, the Retrosound logo on the motor should…

  • Radio Shafts Troubleshooting

    If your shafts are not working or they are working erratically there are a few things we like to check to see if we can resolve the issue without too much frustration. Check you have your electrical connections properly installed. Double check that the positive lead is still connected and…

  • Radio turns on but there is no sound

    If your radio is turning on but there is no sound. First check radio functions, be sure you have an audio source selected like Radio. If using AUX, USB or BT AUDIO be sure you have a device connected to the correct input. Be sure the radio is not Muted….

  • What products will fit my car?

    Use our handy Year/Make/Model Vehicle search located here. If you don’t see any products for your car, send us your dimensions and we’ll get back to you.

  • Radio freezing or locking up

    If your radio stops responding to controls or freezing it could mean you have a voltage issue.  The radio may not have stable power or ground. In most cases, an incorrect ground will be the cause of most power related issues. Poor ground or a shared ground with other electronics my cause a…

  • Enhanced Amplified Hidden Antenna (WPA1)

    The RetroSound® WPA1 enhanced amplified hide-away antenna is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to install a standard fender-mount antenna. The WPA1 installs in seconds using a standard antenna plug and your radio’s power antenna wire. This antenna uses magnetic field circuitry for enhanced radio reception. It can…

  • Kick Panel

    RetroSound® Kick Panels are expertly molded for a perfect fit. The speaker mounts are angled to direct sound upwards towards the listener for better stereo imaging.

  • Stereo Speakers

    RetroSound® Stereo Speakers are designed for maximum performance in your classic car or truck. Our Stereo Speakers are uniquely tooled from the ground up for excellent power handling and exceptional audio reproduction with remarkable durability.

  • R-TB8 Full-Range Speaker Boxes

    The two R-TB8 Full-Range Speaker Boxes are a mirror image of each other, onefor the passenger’s side and one for the driver’s side. Each enclosure contains an8″ subwoofer, soft-dome tweeter, and connecting terminal.

  • Vintage Overlays

    Installation Instructions Install in a dust-free environment. Do not touch the application side of the Vintage Overlay, and do not touch the radio display before or during installation. Step 1: Clean the radio display with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any oil or dirt. Step 2: Slowly peel off…

  • SiriusXM Onyx EZ with Vehicle Kit

    The SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit allows you to connect, control, and enjoy SiriusXM through your in-dash audio system with controls on the full color display. Sirius XM Onyx EZ with Vehicle Kit Quick Start Guide Sirius XM Onyx EZ with Vehicle Kit User Manual

  • SiriusXM Commander Touch

    Add Satellite Radio with advanced features and a dash-mounted, fully integrated look to any car stereo. SiriusXM Commander Touch Quick Start Guide SiriusXM Commander Touch User Manual

  • RetroSound User Manual

    Manual for Models: Motor 1A, Motor 2A, Motor 1DAB, Motor 2DAB, & Motor 4HD